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  1. What to Bring ?
  2. What to not to Bring ?
  3. Where do we get the Boat for Hudson River Trips ?
  4. Where do we get the Boat for Rhode Island Trips ?
  5. Do I need a fishing License?
  6. Why Choose Screaming Reels Charters ?

What to Bring ?

Sunscreen,sunglasses and/or raingear based on the weather forecast. Non skid rubber soled deck shoes or sneakers. ( Workboots and flip flops are not allowed ) .

Food for the day (We provide soda and bottled water )

A camera to record your catch

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What not to Bring ?

Stress ( You are here to Relax & Have Fun )

Hard Liquor ( A small amount of beer is fine)

Where do I get the Boat for Hudson River Trips?

We can pick you up at either Newburgh or Beacon Landings. Alternative pickup locations at an additional charge are available.

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Where do I get the Boat for Rhode Island Trips?

The boat is docked at the Watch Hill Boat Yard on Passadena Ave. in Watch Hill, RI .

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Do I need a Fishing License ?

Yes, you will need a recreational marine fishing license to catch Striped Bass upstream of the Tappan Zee Bridge. You can purchase, 1day, 7day, annual and lifetime licenses via online at the New York D.E.C. internet sporting license page or by calling 1-86-NY-DECALS.

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Why Choose Screaming Reels Charters ?

If you want to experience a great saltwater fishing trip with friends or family, we are the one. Simply put , we love to fish. Whether it's tournament fishing for sharks,jigging for blues and bass, or just bottom fishing for fluke and scup, we love it.

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